Our Mission

We strive for a deep understanding of each client’s needs and work closely with each client to develop an investment program that best meets these needs.

Our Experience

For each client, we bring to bear a broad range of experience and skills. Our commitment to help our clients solve their financial problems often results in our going beyond portfolio management activities.

Our Approach

Our approach to equities is comprised of a top down view of global macroeconomic conditions and a bottom up approach based on fundamental analysis.

The Mathes Company, established in 1997, is an investment advisor registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. We manage discretionary portfolios for investors domiciled in the US and overseas, for individuals as well as institutions, including taxable and non-taxable accounts.

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Traditional Investments

We manage equity portfolios on behalf of US and non-US investors, primarily in separate accounts. We are generalists, but tend to favor large capitalization companies. We are both value oriented and growth oriented. While the majority of our investments are in US and Western Europe domiciled companies, we constantly seek opportunities in all global markets.

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Private Investments

Sorrell Mathes has served as Chairman of the Investment Management Committee of Securitas Capital, an indirect subsidiary of Swiss Reinsurance Company, and as a member of Swiss Re's private equity Investment Committee.

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